Alexander Brown’s Science Writing Competitions list – this list was compiled in 2013, but has lots of relevant information.

Society of Biology Science Communication Awards (UK) – these awards are intended to reward outreach work carried out by both young scientists and established researchers to inform, enthuse and engage the public. There are two categories of award:

  • New Researcher Award (£750) – open to bioscience researchers currently reading for a Masters/PhD or in the first year of a post-doctoral position.
  • Established Researcher Award (£1,500) – open to bioscience researchers who are beyond the first stages of their research career, as defined in the New Researcher category.

This year’s deadline has passed, but the competition takes place annually.

FameLab – an international competition for scientists and researchers who want to communicate in front of an audience. This year’s deadline has passed, but the competition is annual.

The Flame Challenge 2015: What is sleep? – a competition open internationally to scientists. This year’s entry date has now passed, but for reference: it involved answering the question, “what is sleep?” in a way that was engaging and informative to an eleven year old. You could also do a written or a video/graphic entry.

I’m A …, Get Me Out of Here! – free online events where students interact online with scientists, asking them whatever they want. Scientists compete to be the students’ favourite (according to votes) and win a cash prize towards their science communication work, either £500 or €500. There are various different versions:

The Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize (UK) – open to anyone in the UK who doesn’t make their living writing, with separate categories for professional scientists and everyone else (including undergraduate students).


2 thoughts on “Competitions

    • Thanks for that, I will add it to the list! I definitely want to make the site useful internationally, so links from anywhere are welcome. I’m based in the UK so naturally am aware of more here, but starting to look further afield.

      ETA: Looks like this competition is open internationally, which is great!


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