Events and Opportunities


3 thoughts on “Events and Opportunities

  1. Portsmouth Sci-CommSocial

    An opportunity to meet with fellow science communicators, coordinated by the British Science Association South Hampshire and Isle of Wight branch. You can find out about upcoming socials via Twitter @bsahants or email for more information.

    Join us on Thursday 16 March 2017, 6.30-8.30pm
    Brewhouse & Kitchen, Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth

    No booking necessary, just come along!


  2. Family Saturdays – British Science Week Special! Cryptic Creatures & Animal Camouflage

    Let’s get drawing with Immy Smith who combines her love for art and science. Immy’s fascination with nature is realised in interesting drawings of moths, lichens or the galaxy. For British Science Week this year, Immy will be running a drawing workshop inspired by nature. This work shop is about crypsis – that’s the ability of animals to avoid being seen, using strategies like camouflage or mimicry. Come and learn about how animals hide from predators, and create your own cryptic creature!

    Join us on Saturday 11th March 2017, 11am-1pm
    Aspex Gallery, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth

    No booking necessary, all materials will be provided.


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