General information

The British Science Association’s Public engagement resources – a series of links covering a range of topics, aimed at those new to the field.

Global Science Useful Links (UK, Scotland) – a long list of sci comm-related contacts, some UK-wide and others Scotland specific.

How to give a science flash talk – a guide (with videos) on how to do a flash talk (a short talk on your research, e.g. Famelab).

The National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (UK) – an organisation aiming to change how universities interact with the public.

Public Attitudes to Science 2014 Toolkit – a toolkit for running an event to engage members of the public in a conversation about science and science engagement, using the PAS 2014 survey as stimulus material.

The Science Writers’ Handbook – a comprehensive guide to all aspects of science writing, written by 35 award-winning science writers.

Speaking of Science – a series of interviews, audio and written, with people working in sci-comm, exploring all different aspects of it. It also has an attached community, Speakers of Science.

Where London science communicators might work (mostly London, some from elsewhere in section 180) – as the title suggests, a list of places that employ science communicators, compiled by Jo Brodie.

How to get experience in Science CommunicationWhat’s a freelancer worth? – two relevant articles on the BIG website.


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