This page was compiled by Gintare Gervyte.

Opportunities, websites and associations that are connecting people from different parts of the world.

The European Network of Science Centres and Museums or ESCITE is ‘inking science communication professionals in more than 400 institutions in 50 countries. Founded 20 years ago, Ecsite connects member institutions through projects and activities and facilitates the exchange of ideas and best practice on current issues.’

So this institution deals with more advanced science communicators, but it is still worth having a look as it connects loads of different institutions which are actively involved with science communication!


Science communication in Europe in general. Found at official EU website:

Although it is more of a guide, but still a very useful one.


Centre for Science Communication in.. New Zealand! Based at University of Otago. Basically the centre is amazing place to get Masters degree/PhD or just an idea of what science communication really is. The centre also offers short courses for general public. In other words, amazing opportunities for those living down under!





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