Meet-ups and socials

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Birmingham Science Communication Social (UK, Birmingham) – an approximately monthly meeting. They have a Facebook page and Twitter feedSarah Cosgriff also maintains a #BrumScicomm Twitter list and will happily add you to it.

Bristol Sci Comm Social (UK, Bristol) – a social group to bring together people from Bristol’s science communicator and science public engagement scene. Past meet-ups have included trips to local pubs to chat and network. They also have a Twitter feed.

Cambridge Sci Comm Social (UK, Cambridge) – monthly meetups, starting in January 2017. As well as the Facebook group, Susan Vickers will be tweeting any upcoming socials and events.

Cardiff SciComm Social (UK, Cardiff) – a monthly meet-up held on or around the 8th of each month.

The Edinburgh Sci Comm Social (UK, Edinburgh) – a monthly meet-up for sci-commers in Edinburgh.

Sci Comm Glasgow (UK, Glasgow) – “a group for Glasgow based scientists and communicators to meet other and share ideas and opportunities”. They also have a Twitter feed.

London SciComm Socials (UK, London) – “Fun, friendly meetups for everyone interested in science communication.” As well as the Facebook group they also have a Twitter feed.

Sci-Comm Burrito (UK, Manchester) – a “monthly-ish” social for science communicators of all levels of experience where you can share experiences, learn from those further on in the field and find out about new opportunities.

North East Pie Comm (NE England, including Newcastle) – “social activities between people involved or interested in science communication in the North East of England”.

Oxford SciComm Socials (UK, Oxford) – regular meet-ups run by Science Oxford (the link goes to their Facebook events page where these are currently being posted).

Portsmouth SciComm Social (UK, Portsmouth) – an opportunity to meet with fellow science communicators, coordinated by the British Science Association South Hampshire and Isle of Wight branch. You can find out about upcoming socials via Twitter or email for more information.

Sci Comm Pi(e) (UK, Sheffield) – a meet-up planned to take place every month. There is a Twitter hashtag #scicommpie as well as a mailing list.

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